Wing Chun Kung Fu

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the most practical styles of Chinese Martial arts to exist. It is an ingenious system that teaches you how to overcome a bigger, stronger opponent using skill, technique and sensitivity. Its principles are based on directness and simplicity and it teaches you how to use your opponent’s strength against himself.

Wing Chun Kung fu is said to have been created over 400 years ago by a nun from the Shaolin Temple named, Ng Mui. Her first student was a young girl named, Yim Wing Chun and it is after her that the style takes it name. The story goes that a local bandit was forcing himself on Yim Wing Chun. Seeing what was going on, Ng Mui took pity on the young girl and decided to teach her Kung Fu. After training very hard, Yim Wing Chun challenged the bandit to a fight which she convincingly won.

Grandmaster Ip Chun & Master Michael Tse

Though there is a great deal of debate as to the accuracy of this story, what is agreed is that today Wing Chun is one of the most popular and effective forms of Kung Fu. This popularity is due to the teaching of late Great Grandmaster Ip Man who bought the skill from China to Hong Kong and from there it has spread all over the world. Great Grandmaster Ip Man’s most famous student was the legendary Bruce Lee. Since Great Grandmaster Ip Man passed away his eldest son Grandmaster Ip Chun has taken over his father role. He has spent many years teaching all over the world. Even though he is now 85 year old his skill is unsurpassed.

This skill was passed on to Master Michael Tse, who is Grandmaster Ip Chun’s most senior student teaching in Europe and for the past 20 year Master Tse has been teaching in the West and developed a large number of highly skilled students and instructors


What will you Learn in Class?

People take up martial arts for many reasons. Some to improve their health & fitness, some to learn how to defend themselves, some for increased sense of confidence and others simply for a pastime to immerse themselves in. The Wing Chun class with its high level of teaching and the friendly relaxed atmosphere caters for all these differing needs.


Chi Sau – Sticking Hands
Chi Sau is the practical training of the applications found in the forms. Whilst training with a partner you will develop sensitivity, footwork and timing. Soon you will begin to understand how to use an opponent’s energy against himself (or herself). Regular practice develops instinctive reactions allowing you to adapt to change without thinking. For successful self defence this is essential. Chi Sau is like a game and is not meant to be treated as fighting or sparring. It allows you to develop your skill in a safe environment because you can relax and let go.



Wing Chun has three forms. These are Siu Lim Tao (for training stillness and Gong Lik), Tsum Kiu (for training footwork and turning) and Biu Ji (for training special attacking techniques using the fingers and elbow).

Wooden Dummy – Muk Yan Jong
The Wooden Dummy training helps us to bring together all we have learnt in Chi Sau and forms to polish our ’fighting techniques’. It also allows us to practice Wing Chun kicks and train the accuracy of our stepping and body position.

Wing Chun has two weapons: The Six and a Half Point Pole and the Baat Jam Dao (Wing Chun Knives). The more you train these weapons, the stronger your bones will become and so your Qi will develop to a very high level.

Good for Health

Not only is wing Chun a highly effective form of self defence, it is also a very healthy pastime. It strengthens the body internally as well as externally, and it also helps to relax the mind and the body.

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