Sifu Natasha Etheridge

About me

I was my late husbands full time carer and had recently packed up tobacco so was looking for something healthy and relaxing to do. I had found out that there was Wild Goose Qigong class in the sports centre in the town that I live.

My husband Roy wasn’t able to attend due to ill health but was happy for me to go. He said when I returned that my eyes were brighter.

With regular attendance my posture and flexibility improved and in turn my lungs, which felt less restrictive from the asthma, so much so that I now no longer use inhalers. There were other benefits from the practice better balance, coordination and more energy to enjoy life.

A few years later I began studying Chun Yuen Quan and Wing Chun Kung Fu with my Sifu Mike Baker, Senior student of Grandmaster Michael Tse, my Sigong. Chun Yuen Quan is more dynamic and brings up strong circulation so you’re get really warm and it helps the bones and joints of the body. I found it complemented my Qigong and I felt more inner strength physically and its fun to learn.

Wing Chun Kung Fu appealed to me as a women and learning how to defend oneself, was a positive step in my life. Its given me confidence and I feel better able to deal the ups and downs of life. Wing Chun has become a way of life.

In 2016 I went to Foshan in China and Hong Kong with my Sigong Grandmaster Tse and 44 other fellow students of the Tse Qigong Centre. Tse Sigong took us to meet his Sifu Grandmaster Ip Chun eldest son of Ip Man. It was a amazing experience learning the culture, eating the food and absorbing everything Wing Chun.

I would like to thank my Sifu for coming into my life and his guidance and patience has helped me become a healthy happier person.

To my Sigong, Grand Master Michael Tse and Sitai Jessica Tse for their advice and steadfastness and to all senior students who have helped me on my journey and who continue to do so.

And finally, I would like also to thank my students, who work to improve their own health, for their loyalty to the class and for their good hearted attitude. May we continue to learn and grow healthy together.

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